Executive Director, Founder

Jay Newman

Jay Newman is passionate about doing good in the world and feels it’s essential in order to feel like a whole, fulfilled human being. He also believes it’s essential for a lot more wealthy people to put resources in the direction of global well-being if humanity is going to continue to thrive and evolve.

A renegade on the road less traveled, he left college early in order to explore the nature of being a human being. He later became interested in making money in order to help him teach about holistic health. Before long, he had the head of the entrepreneurial department at Harvard University on his Board of Advisors and had the same attorney and accountant as Steven Jobs of Apple. Ross Perot persuaded him to leave high tech and follow his passion by getting into the holistic health field.

Jay is a member of the Board of Advisors of the National Health Federation, the oldest NGO dedicated to health-freedom advocacy. He is the CEO of Invision International Health Solutions, Inc.

Jay has been interviewed on Good Morning America, NBC TV News and perhaps a hundred live radio shows as a leading expert in the field of ionic silver and its use for immune-system support in humans.

He sees millions upon millions of people suffering and dying needlessly from infectious disease and knows the difference that ionic silver can make. It’s a matter of distribution and training, and of course the funding. He sees this as an area ripe with possibilities for truly making a difference.

He teaches chi gong, tai chi, meditation, breathing, and related practices for creativity, stress relief, health and longevity based primarily on authentic Taoist arts. He believes that these practices hold in them a jewel of potential benefits for anyone who learns and practices them.

“The more influential we are, the more it’s incumbent on us to find creative ways to contribute to the well-being and healthy evolution of society and the planet if we want to consider ourselves cool.”

Jay  Newman,
Executive Director

Board of Advisors

Robert B. Petersen, Ph.D.

Robert Petersen, Ph.D., is a professor of Neuroscience, Genetics and Cell Biology at Central Michigan University College of Medicine, and is an adjunct professor of Pathology, Neurology, and Neuroscience at Case Western Reserve University. He was the founding director of the Department of Pathology’s Master’s program at Case Western Reserve University. Dr. Petersen received his Ph.D. in cell and developmental biology from the University of Minnesota in 1985. See his brief bio on the Central Michigan University website here, and on the Case Western Reserve University website here.

Shana Greene

Shana has dedicated much of her life to doing humanitarian work. She is the Founder and Executive Director of the nonprofit organization Village Volunteers. Over the past two decades, she has raised millions of dollars for charity work and has put hundreds of volunteers on the ground in Africa and other regions. Shana has won awards from the University of Seattle and from the United Nations for her humanitarian efforts and continues at it unrelentingly today. She loves what she does.
See her full bio here.

Scott Tips, J.D.

Scott is the President of the nonprofit organization The National Health Federation, the world’s oldest health-freedom organization. He has worked tirelessly most of his life in fighting for the consumer worldwide to have unrestricted access to safe and healthy foods and nutritional supplements. Scott is an attorney specialized in international food and drug law. He speaks on behalf of the public at the ongoing proceedings of CODEX Alimentarius, the international committee of government and business leaders that affects food policy in many countries including the U.S.
See his full bio here.

Jacqueline Stillwell

Jackie has many years’ experience with not-for-profit organizations. She currently serves as General Secretary of the nonprofit Right Sharing of World Resources. For 22 years she was Head of School for The Meeting School in Rindge, New Hampshire, a school dedicated to Quaker principles. In her service to others, Jackie spent nearly a decade in Guatemala, 3 years of which she served in the Peace Corps. She holds degrees in Education/Psychology and in Organization and Management.

See her brief bio here (and her recent resume here).

Donald Baird, Ph.D.

Dr. Baird, now retired, was formerly a Professor at the Department of Chemistry of Nova Southeastern University. He was also Chairman of the Department of Chemistry at Florida Atlantic University, where he was responsible for the development and initiation of their chemistry Ph.D. program. He has taught undergraduate courses in chemistry at Western Illinois University and Florida Atlantic University. He taught college chemistry for over 25 years. Dr. Baird received his Ph.D. in chemistry from the State University of New York at Buffalo in 1981.

Broader vision

We’re a newly formed organization. Our birth has been evolving for a number of years. Our near-term focus is on healthy children and adults in various regions of the world by distributing antimicrobial ionic silver for human use and for water disinfection. Our larger mission is to make a substantial difference in furthering the healthy evolution of society and the planet through education in meditation, education in holistic health and healing, fostering increased empathy and community in society, and helping to encourage increased philanthropy and charitable work worldwide.

In expanding the vision, we plan to assemble a world-class team of leaders in business, finance, humanitarian work, as well as science and sociology in order to build a team and network that can make a wide-ranging difference in the world. We believe large money and influence can and must be focused on the global community much more than it has been in the past if we are to survive and thrive as a species on this tiny living ball of natural wonder.

We intend to raise capital primarily from high-net-worth individuals and to foster strong relationships with these donors. Right now, donations of all sizes are welcome to help prime the pump and get us into orbit.

With adequate funding, we have the opportunity to save millions from infectious disease today and make a huge difference in reducing suffering in the world.