My name is Jay Newman. I have stewardship over perhaps the most important health product of modern times. It’s a highly advanced ionic silver complex for human use called Humanity Silver, with the key ingredient Opti-Silver that I developed.

Humanity Silver with Opti-Silver changes the game in enhancing human immune support, perhaps better and more safely than anything else on Earth. We’re working to distribute it to millions of people who are suffering and dying needlessly, both in the U.S. and abroad, both for direct human use and for water disinfection.

Humanity Silver is charitably distributed through healthcare practitioners and humanitarian organizations, who in turn charitably distribute it to those in need.

We’re also collecting and compiling data from healthcare practitioners who distribute Humanity Silver to report on the health effects they observe in their clients and patients. The data will provide an increasingly compelling case to help us raise increasingly large donations for expanding the distribution of Humanity Silver.

No other form of silver that I’m aware of can come even close to the effectiveness of the Opti-Silver complex for human use.

— Roger Leblanc, Ph.D., while chemistry professor at the University of Miami; former director of the Departments of Chemistry and Advanced Microscopy at the University of Miami

I used to have the same attorney and accountant as Steven Jobs of Apple. After an intense debate I had with Steve about which was more important for the world, technology or health, I left high-tech to pursue my passion for advancing holistic approaches to health and healing. Ten years and a million dollars of work led to the creation of Humanity Silver with Opti-Silver, the ionic silver complex we’re now distributing to people in need.

The Humanity Silver technology is so advanced that venture capitalists and investment bankers repeatedly approached the for-profit manufacturing and marketing company I had formed. They predicted massive profit potential and wanted to invest in the company.

You’re sitting on a potentail goldmine. I can easily see this company sold for half-a-billion dollars in five years. I want to introduce some potential investors.

— Andy Peck, while V.P. of the Gold Coast Venture Capital Forum

In my position as CEO of that manufacturing company, I insisted that it would only allow investors who care at least as much about the millions of people who the technology can help save from health challenges as they care about the potential profits that can be made. That disqualified most of them right off the bat.

This is far too important to humankind to only be about profit!

Meanwhile, users of Opti-Silver saw it dramatically benefit family members and made small investments in the manufacturing company, partly to make a profit but primarily to help the company grow to spread the product to millions of others. Those relationships became very special, but there was little money there. And the big-money people that kept showing up were simply not acceptable because of valuing money over human beings.

In order to find a solution and reach millions of people who are suffering and dying needlessly, I formed Champions for Humanity, which is registered as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. With the benefit of tax-deductible contributions from philanthropically oriented individuals and organizations, Champions for Humanity can charitably distribute the Opti-Silver ionic silver complex to people in need throughout the world. This has begun with superb results and the prospects for massive worldwide growth look very strong.

Why this technology is far superior

For those familiar with “colloidal” silver, what makes this ionic silver formulation infinitely superior to colloidal silver are the facts that 100% of its silver is the bioactive “ionic” form of silver, while only about 3% of the silver in colloidal silver is the bioactive ionic form of silver (regardless of what some marketing claims might say), and that this ionic silver formulation employs a controlled-release mechanism to deliver it as it’s needed, without which free silver ions would be neutralized by chlorides in the body.

Educational video: For a detailed explanation of the advanced chemistry behind Humanity Silver see this highly informative 30-minute video (a transcript of the video and a PDF with the slides are also provided): Understanding colloidal silver, ionic silver, and Opti-Silver.

The label for Humanity Silver can be seen here.

Humanity Silver is distributed in a 2-oz bottle. It comes in the forms of a dropper, a spray, and a vertical spray.

Drop per drop, dollar per dollar, and microgram of silver per microgram of silver, the Opti-Silver chemistry is at least a few hundred times more efficient for delivering bioavailable silver ions to the body than any other form of silver I’ve seen. The technology is ingenious and unprecedented.

— Donald Baird, Ph.D., while chemistry professor at Nova Southeastern University; former director of the Department of Chemistry at Florida Atlantic University

Water disinfection

Given all the evidence of the dramatic results of the Opti-Silver ionic silver complex at helping the body fight pathogens in the human body, and given the extreme need for disinfection of drinking water in low-income regions around the world, we’re focused on both using the Opti-Silver ionic silver complex for direct human use and for disinfecting drinking water for individuals and families in these low-income regions.

Using Opti-Silver in drinking water has the benefit of both going a long way in making the drinking water safe and providing the ionic silver complex to the body when the water is consumed. t also means the bottle of Opti-Silver ionic silver complex is on-hand and available to be used if and when needed for direct human use for specific conditions that arise, as well as for daily use for disinfecting drinking water.

Ionic silver is rapidly becoming the number one approach for disinfecting drinking water in low-income countries, and the Opti-Silver we distribute has the unique dual benefit of proving optimized delivery for direct human use as well.

Most experts agree that a primary source of infectious disease in low-income regions is the water.

While various water filtration systems exist, many utilizing ionic silver, none is as practical for distribution in remote or low-income regions of the world as putting a few drops of the Opti-Silver complex in water that has undergone simple filtering to remove the rough impurities.

Ten years ago, the simple distribution of bottles of ionic silver in third-world countries was not practical. People in rural villages need to be reached and they need to be trained in proper usage. Today, distributing the bottles is much more practical, and training is far more realistic. In fact, many people today have cell phones even in low-income regions and use messaging to communicate.

Ionic silver has been used extensively in a wide variety of water disinfection systems. It has been shown in studies to be highly effective at concentrations which are known to be entirely safe. Its use in water disinfection is not new. What’s new is our introducing Opti-Silver, with its dual benefits that include direct human use.

By distributing ionic silver on a broad scale and training people in its use, we can help save millions of people who are suffering from infectious disease needlessly.

Ionic silver distribution

We’re currently working to build relationships with highly reputable, well-established NGO’s, nonprofits and faith-based organizations capable of mass distribution of the ionic silver in numerous regions of the world. The key factors we’re focused on are distribution, training in its use, and the all-important reporting on the results in order to dramatically expand the funding and implementation of the program.

Here’s an example of such groups, of which many exist: https://philanthropyforum.org/why-give.

As just one example of the importance of the work we’re doing, see this compelling message from a citizen of Lesotho, Africa, which has the highest estimated mortality rate in the world while the number one cause of death in low-income countries is infectious disease. The initial reports from Lesotho have been relating excellent results thus far and they are very anxious for much more of it.

Champions for Humanity intends to take this ionic silver technology out to the world on a large scale. We’re currently seeking philanthropists for making substantial donations. We have important work to do.

Broader vision

Our near-term focus is on healthy children and adults in various regions of the world by distributing antimicrobial ionic silver for human use and for water disinfection. Our larger mission is to make a substantial difference in furthering the healthy evolution of society and the planet through education in meditation, education in holistic health and healing, fostering increased empathy and community in society, and helping to encourage increased philanthropy and charitable work worldwide.

In expanding the vision, we plan to assemble a world-class team of leaders in business, finance, humanitarian work, as well as science and sociology in order to build a team and network that can make a wide-ranging difference in the world. We believe large money and influence can and must be focused on the global community much more than it has been in the past if we are to survive and thrive as a species on this tiny living ball of natural wonder.

We intend to raise capital primarily from high-net-worth individuals and to foster strong relationships with these donors. Right now, donations of all sizes are welcome to help prime the pump and get us into orbit.

With adequate funding, we may have the opportunity to save millions from infectious disease today and make a huge difference in reducing suffering in the world.