Why donate?

1. One in ten Americans do not have health insurance and cannot afford most medication.

2. Infectious disease is so rampant in developing countries it’s the primary cause of death.

3. Water is a major source of microbes causing disease and death in developing countries.

4. Ionic silver is uniquely safe and effective for immune support and water disinfection.

5. Ionic silver is safe for children and adults for ongoing human use and water disinfection.

6. We are distributing the most advanced form of ionic silver for human use in existence.

7. By distributing this formulation widely the potential human impact is truly staggering.

8. Our team has some of the world’s top experts in health, silver, and humanitarian work.

5 million

Children under the age of 5 years who died in 2020 globally from conditions that could be prevented or treated with affordable interventions; a leading cause of death was infectious disease


People who die before the age of 70 in low-income countries; the number one cause of death is infectious disease

2.2 billion

People worldwide who lack access to safe drinking water


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