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Open Letter to Wendy Williams — Let’s Get You Well!

From Jay Newman

September 8, 2019

Dear Wendy,

I was sent to you by a relative of yours, or perhaps, more properly, by your spirit guides or something. (I detail the mind-blowing “coincidences” that led me to reach out you in the Open Video Message to you at the link below.)

Lymphedema is not a “disease” that just happens. Your issues are the consequence of nothing more than your past behaviors: drug addiction plus poor diet, poor stress management, poor exercise practices, all led to a deterioration of the organs, glands, blood, gut, etc, etc.

It’s not rocket science! Yes, taking time off for resting helped, of course. But discovering a severe deficiency in vitamin D and supplementing that is simply not going to solve the broader systemic issues!

And calling it Grave’s Disease is not a huge revelation and is certainly not the path to a solution.

And now we have “lymphedema!”

You’re either being very brave by making light of the need to use a machine on your legs 45 minutes a day (a conversation piece and party attraction, really?) or you’re living in extreme denial – or both.

Aren’t you curious why one thing led to another and led to another? Aren’t you worried what’s next?

These things can all be reversed, but not with medications or a damned machine! Have you not done a Google search on lymphedema? It’s a fancy “medical” word that means your body’s systems are failing!

These “diseases” don’t come out of the air! It’s the result of not giving the garden – the insides of your body – the basic conditions it needs to support healthy, thriving wellbeing! Do that, and it will thrive!

You’re being misled by doctors and medical people who don’t even know they’ve been indoctrinated by billion-dollar corporations who make money on the medical treatments but not on educating people on how to avoid the need for the medical treatments! The conflict of interest is beyond comprehension!

I have a company that makes an antimicrobial ionic silver product. Doctor Oz once had his father-in-law on his show, Gerald Lemole, a cardiologist. Mehmet said Jerry was his inspiration and mentor and without him there would be no Doctor Oz. During their talk on the show, Jerry told Mehmet silver is the number one most important health product for mankind in modern times.

I later spoke with Jerry and sent him information and samples of our ionic silver. He didn’t question it’s being lightyears beyond any other form of silver, but he did go into classic medical capitalism mode by lecturing me that nobody cares about anything but sales and profit. It was very disheartening.

I’m all too familiar with that conflict of interest in the medical field (see my article “Big Pharma and Shark Investors versus Humanity – My Journey Trying to Save Millions from Disease in the Face of Capitalist Greed” at this link), yet I was hoping for better coming from the father-in-law of Doctor Oz.

(Jerry did accept samples of our silver and shared them with Mehmet at a family weekend gathering, but apparently Mehmet felt he and Oprah were not allowed to get involved in any for-profit products and are strictly limited to entertainment. Too bad. Incredible good could have been done for mankind.)

Understanding the extent of the conflict of interest built into the medical-industrial complex is essential in order for you to wake up and look beyond those confines and see there is indeed plenty of daylight!

Your audience is not being benefited by your making light of this, and yet you have been given the opportunity to gift both yourself and thousands of people in your audience with education about what can really be done to heal the body and avoid disease by living in a holistic, healthy manner.

Countless people have been in similar situations as you and have ventured beyond the confines of the mainstream medical field – and they discovered the wide-open pastures of gorgeous flowers and thriving wellbeing that can be had by learning how to give the body the conditions it needs for health.

You do that and, man, what a gift to yourself and to countless people in your audience at the same time. Wow!

I myself am able to help guide you in most of this, and I can introduce a number of holistic “doctors” to help guide you as well.

I also teach a very rare, powerful form of Chinese “Taoist” exercise called “chi gong” and this particular “style” that I practice is off the charts for helping to heal the insides of the body, from blood and lymph flow, to organs and glands, to nerves, to the electrical energy or “chi” flow, and so on.

It even has a specific exercise explicitly for the thyroid! And one for the brain. The liver. And so on!

I also practice and teach a simple and yet very advanced form of stress reduction, also based on Taoist Chinese practices. It’s a combination of breathing with the entire abdomen in a slow manner and releasing tension from throughout the body – like allowing a clenched fist to relax and naturally open.

It takes a little time to learn these practices, but relatively little time to practice them.

I know you’re very busy, and so am I – and I’m in Florida and not that free to travel. Maybe we can do some things through video, and maybe even let your audience in on some of it for the benefit of many.

I recorded an 18-minute impassioned personal video message to you that’s hopefully enlightening and encouraging. I decided to put this online publicly as a way to get through in communicating with you since it’s not easy to get through to a celebrity when I’m not one. I’m providing a link to that video below.

Note that I recorded that video before I discovered you were diagnosed with Grave’s. I had been misinformed by a relative of yours (actually, of Kevin’s) that you had lupus, but I now know that that was your temporary host who had lupus. Yet none of what I had to say in the video changes. It’s not a matter of what disease or what part of the body! It’s a matter of healing the entire inside of the body so all systems are working harmoniously and happily!

Build foundational health and the “diseases” seem to go away! As I said, it’s not rocket science.

You can do this! You’re a smart woman and you’re a strong woman. If you were just a follower, you wouldn’t be where you are today. So now is your chance to lead the way in your own health and heal!

And perhaps help lead the way for countless others to also dramatically improve their health as well.

You love shopping and wearing nice clothes, and that’s great. Now, as I said in the video, “Let’s make the inside of your body as beautiful as what’s on the outside.”

It’s much more achievable than you yet realize!

I’m not asking for anything in return, other than hopefully an increased ability to help many others as a result of helping you.

Open Video Message: Here’s that enlightening 18-minute “Open Video Message” to you that I recorded:



Jay Newman
Executive Director of Champions for Humanity