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From Jay to Tom

September 10, 2020


On Wednesday, 9/9/20, mid-afternoon, I told Hasan I had a water emergency. He said there are no maintenance people here. I said, “Call someone to come.” He said there’s nobody to call. I insisted he call Hope. After hearing no word back for a short while, I started calling and texting you. Then Hasan told me he spoke to Hope and she said: “We’ll take care of it tomorrow.” I reacted very strongly and told Hasan to call her back and that I will freak out if they don’t get on top of this today.

I assume you spoke to Hope because Hasan then called me and said Smitty was on the way over, and then Hope called me and said the same and that whatever needed to be done would be done. I said the A/C upstairs is overflowing again and needs to be shut off and the drain pan needs to be emptied. She said she knew that was what needed to be done. I point out that even if it means moving guests from the room it needs to be done today because I will have major repair work in my room if it continues. She said whatever needs to be done will be done.

Here is a video I shot when this all first started:

I wasn’t going to share this next video with you, which is from July, but Hope was so out of line in telling Hasan to tell me “It will be taken care of tomorrow” that I want you to see this. Moreover, it has been an ongoing problem the whole time I’ve been here! Yesterday, Smitty said that on Thursday (which is today, 9/10/20) he will fix the cause by tilting the A/C above me so the water drains out of the building. Well, I’m not confident that Smitty and company are going to get it resolved. Below is the video I shot in July that I never sent you. It’s the same scenario taking place in July that occurred yesterday, and a few times before as well!

On a Friday night, 7/3/10, I reported the identical problem as yesterday — water was leaking from the ceiling and the A/C above me was the cause.

On Saturday, 7/4/20, Hasan and Hope told me it had been resolved! They said the water was stopped and complete repair would be done the following day.

However, by that evening it was back and even worse, and yet nobody at the front desk would call Hope or do anything! Lisa finally called Hasan and he insulted me by telling her to tell me “We told him we’re aware of it and working on it.” I ended up staying up half the night dealing with controlling the water.

Early Sunday morning, Hope was telling me it would be handled when they get to it. We had quite a confrontation. I let her know I was very unhappy and she told me it was because of the rain. I looked her dead on and said, “It’s not the rain, Hope. It’s the A/C above me.” She again said it was the rain. I stared her down and very forcefully said once again, “It’s not the rain!” And he reacted like someone who knew their bluff was blown and said to me just as forcefully “It’s not the rain!”

She continued to drag her feet on getting it resolved. I asked her to look at the video on my phone of the ongoing water damage taking place and she was not interested in seeing it. I told her if she didn’t watch the video and take care of this I was going to have to go to you. She became very concerned at that point that you would see it and asked me, “Did you show this video to my boss?” And I said, “No, I have not!” That seemed to motivate her. She watched the video.

She seemed very concerned that you would be made aware of the situation, and only then did she assure me it would be taken care of within a few hours.

I found out later that the reason it was not resolved the day prior, on Saturday, was that the guests in the room didn’t want to let them come in to take care of it and management just said “Okay”.

Below is the video I took at that time, on Saturday night, that I showed to Hope early Sunday morning. (Note that at the end I show a small garbage can being placed on top of the A/C unit. When I woke up the next day that garbage can was three-quarters full of water!)

You can understand why I was not the least bit willing to let them blow me off again with “There’s nobody here. It will be taken care of tomorrow” while I watched the ongoing damage before my eyes.

Please have someone who is genuinely qualified go up there and do whatever has to be done to ensure this won’t continue to recur, Tom. It happened in July and again yesterday! And at least two or three times before that in the time I’ve been here. Obviously, it has never been properly remedied, and trust me I was told “We’re going to tilt the unit to the water drains outside” in the past, just like Smitty told me yesterday.

Thanks for your help with this! And for understanding why I had to get you involved.

By the way, your relationship with your staff is up to you, but I strongly prefer you please do not let Hope know I showed you these videos, especially the one from July. It could result in animosity that might come back at me. I just want you to see why I could not let them ignore this, and cannot have it continue like it’s been.

And please absolutely do not say anything about my going to Lowes and buying supplies for Andre when he fixed my wall last week and paying out of my pocket. She’s not even aware of it. The last thing I want is for her to know I told you but never gave her a chance to address it herself. (Andre showed up staring at my wall needing serious repair after they replaced my A/C unit last week and shrugged his shoulders saying he needs spackle and spackle tape but doesn’t have any. I said I’ll go buy it myself and he said okay. I asked him not to tell Hope or anyone else, so we don’t make waves. I just wanted the job done and it was obvious it wasn’t exactly moving anywhere unless I took the bull by the horns. I’m sure they would have told me it would be another day or two before he or someone else has time to go to the store for supplies. I’m not worried about it and wouldn’t even be mentioning it to you except that I did already mention it in the video above.)

— Jay