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Six 10-min video talks by Jay Newman – Evolved Influence

Evolved society – 1

August 14, 2019

9 min, 55 sec

Excerpt: “What would a more evolved society look like?”

Evolved society – 2

August 14, 2019

9 min, 59 sec

Excerpt: “This concept of capitalism versus socialism is bizarre to the extreme and has to stop.”

Evolved society – 3

August 14, 2019

9 min, 54 sec

Excerpt: “We need to make it so how you make your money matters.”

Cutting green peppers

August 3, 2019

11 min, 10 sec

Excerpt: “Remember that we’re part of a flow of a magnificent, magical phenomenon of life, and consciousness, and change — change of matter — that we don’t understand, and that we have the rare gift of being very temporary manifestations of.”

Birds communicating

July 28, 2019

9 min, 57 sec

Excerpt: “I just want to talk to you about the mystery, marvel, awe-inspiring, inexplicable phenomenon of nature and of life.”

Mechanic shop

July 2, 2019

9 min, 55 sec

Excerpt: “What would a more evolved human species, society, function like?”