Hershel, this is a private page on the website that only you can see (unless, of course, you decide to share the link with someone, which you’re welcome to do).

Notes about the video:

  • The static at the beginning stops at about 4 minutes in. It recurs at about 40 minutes in, too, but only for about 90 seconds. We think it’s the private jets coming in to land, which fly very close by. I need to get a hardwired mic ASAP.

  • Mark Soloway in Silicon Valley has been wanting to invest more but he doesn’t do a thing financially without his wife’s agreement, and she doesn’t know me.
  • While this was initiated by my hope you’ll be inspired to provide an infusion before your vacation, it’s good additional groundwork for our growing long-term relationship, too — which is really the main purpose.

I recorded this very late at night while beyond exhausted and while feeling the strong drive to move forward with my work (and avoid any more slippage), so please that in stride. Thank you.

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