Very compelling video of nurse saving lives

In the following 7-min video interview, Pat Beaulieu, R.N., a nurse with fifty years of experience, who has been voted Professional Woman of the Year and a forensics witness, relates her remarkable experiences with the product—including saving an elderly woman’s life in the hospital after the family was told to make funeral arrangements, and seeing a co-worker who acquired HIV become “undetectable.”

“We don’t know how much further this will go, but I imagine if it continues to do the things I’ve seen it do, the impact on the world will be tremendous.”

— Pat Beaulieu, R.N.

Pat is not your ordinary registered nurse. She’s been in the field since she was a teenager and has run more facilities than most nurses will ever work in. Here’s her very impressive resume.
(She was not paid for this interview and has no financial interest in the product whatsoever.)

White blood cell report from hospital

This chart from a hospital’s lab records shows the white blood cell count of a patient who was given a week to live before the ionic silver product was utilized. Intravenous antibiotics were not working and the family was told to make funeral arrangements. The chart shows that within a few days after introducing the ionic silver the while blood cell count dropped from critical to normal. (This case is discussed by the attending nurse in detail in the very compelling video interview, above.)

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