Fort Lauderdale (in indoor air-conditioned storage at Dixie Hwy and Commercial Blvd)


Jay Newman

Cell: 954-295-3833


Far-infrared Sauna – $1,250

• two-person “far-infrared” sauna from leading brand name: ClearLight (now Jacuzzi)

In like-new condition

I rewired the built-in speakers to go directly to the 3.5mm jack on a phone. (The “radio” it came with seemed outdated.)

I neglected to take a photo before disassembling on its way to storage.

Here’s the manufacturer’s website showing the same model except for the control panel:

I will assemble it for you and demonstrate it working just fine at the storage place (they said it’s fine to do that in the hallway; it’s indoor air-conditioned storage).

And I will show you how to assemble it — it’s really quick and easy.

Pictures (disassembled, and of some inside components as a guide for reconnection):

King bed set – $790


• very classy headboard

• full-height frame with wood-grain laminate

• king mattress

• king box springs (set of two pieces)

• floor supports under entire box spring

All in excellent condition.

Pictures (in storage):

Bedroom set – $375


• dresser

• chest

• 2 nightstands

All in like-new condition.

Picture (in storage):

Living room chair – $85

• classy design and very comfortable

• matches other living-room

In like-new condition. (Tiny chocolate stain on bottom of cushion, can easily be cleaned.)


Rebounder – Bellicon top-of-the-line  – $250

• this is the top model they make (or was when I bought it, anyway)

• I believe this would be their “medium” diameter and strength model (one down from the widest or firmest, I think)

• folding legs

• cost $650 new

In like-new condition.


Exercise bar set – “Power Tower” – $40

• versatile for numerous exercises with body weight

• costs $99 on Amazon:

In like-new condition.


Luggage set – by Delsey – $90

• three-piece including large garment bag, regular suitcase, and shoulder bag

In like-new condition.


LG 42″ Plasma TV – $185

• model LG 42PN4500

• with stand and remote control

In like-new condition.

Pictures (in storage):

Office chairs, set of 8 – $25 each or $175 for all 8

• very nice stationary office chairs with arms

In good condition.

Pictures (in storage):

Office chairs, set of 7 – $20 each or $125 for all 7

• very nice rolling, office chairs with height adjustment

In good condition.

Picture (in storage):

Logitech Z-2300 2.1 Speaker System – $120

• subwoofer and two satellite speakers

• complete system in original box

In like-new condition. Lightly used.


20′ extension ladder, Werner – $35

In good condition. Lightly used.


HP Z24i 24″ monitor – $145

New in the box.


JayBird X2 stereo Bluetooth headphones – $30

• slightly used, in perfection condition, with all original accessories

• plus a set of Comply Isolation+ tips (one pair each of S/M/L)