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A member of our Board of Advisors, Bob Petersen, Ph.D., is a professor of Genetics and Cell Biology at Central Michigan University College of Medicine and is an adjunct professor of Pathology, Neurology, and Neuroscience at Case Western Reserve University.

In 2003, Bob introduced me to Jeff Blumer, M.D., Ph.D., who was then the founder and director of Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital at University Hospitals in Cleveland. It was the world’s largest clinical research center for pediatric drugs.

Jeff was so confident in the effectiveness and safety of our silver he spent months working with me and he designed a clinical study that would have changed the world if I had been able to raise the $4 million it would have cost. He was going to run the study himself and put his name and reputation behind it.

The study was going to monitor 200 elementary-school-aged children for 60 days who would be using the product twice per day. It was a prevention study. The target effect was a 50% reduction in the number of children who developed any upper respiratory infection, from any pathogens at all, in the middle of winter in Cleveland. It was going to be a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study.

Approval by the IRB (Institutional Review Board) was not an issue since it’s a commonly used product that’s available online and in stores and is well known to be entirely safe with normal use.

This is the kind of study I need to get done today, right away, on COVID-19. A study of sick people is usually difficult since it requires finding sick people and getting them into the study right away, and it requires approval by medical authorities to test the new substance instead of having them on the established medications. With COVID-19, those things will not be an issue, for obvious reasons.

Nurses who I know who are currently working with COVID-19 patients in hospitals are using silver for their protection. There are many studies on the National Institutes of Health PubMed database showing ionic silver effective against viruses, including other strains of COVID. WebMD has a page on silver with hundreds of user reviews attesting to the benefits. Our chemistry is far superior to any other form of silver for internal human use and is ideal for inhalation. We are increasingly getting testimonials from users attesting to the fact that their COVID-like symptoms disappeared within a day, hours, or minutes.

With the crisis going on now, there are plenty of subjects to test it on and every motivation exists by doctors in hospitals to do so.

I need capital to get the right legal and medical people on board right away, to ensure manufacturing and communications are all entirely compliant with FDA regulations, and to distribute the product to doctors in hospitals so they can immediately start using it with patients.

The initial feedback from doctors using it in hospitals will provide enough of a case to help raise the large money to put things together to get major clinical studies done so we can scale this properly.

Trump has declared that doctors can try whatever they think might work. He has even provided waivers for them to have signed if they feel the need.

I urgently need to have modest funding in the bank so I can do my job and move this forward rapidly.

— Jay Newman

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