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Here are some links to show you why and how to use the Silver 100.

It will help you feel better sooner.

— Jay

The product website (just if you’re curious): click here

Why to trust it:

  • Nurse saving lives, with chart from hospital (with 7-min video): click here
  • Quotations from experts (scan for the quotations): click here
  • Nurse saving lives in critical COVID ward (4 min video): click here

How to use it:

  • The main thing is inhaling the regular spray like this (two very short videos): click here
  • The other main thing is to use it frequently. If I had a cold, I’d be doing what’s in those videos (and what’s below) probably about every 30 minutes or so.
  • Optionally, you can also use eye drops for getting to the entire sinus cavity (I do this whenever I have a cold coming on and it works great). You can also use the nasal spray in the nose. A few drops in each eye; a few sprays in each nostril. It’s harmless so just use it. (If it stings a little in the eyes and nose, that’s just the citrate — like citric acid from squirting grapefruit juice in the eye. It’s entirely harmless and lasts just a few seconds. It’s been used by thousands of people and is safer than tap water.)
  • And also optionally, here’s a link to some general usage guidelines: click here
  • Note: Ignore the label! I wrote it! It’s ridiculously conservative, even for people who will use it every day for a hundred years. You can take the cap off the bottles and drink all three in one shot and it wouldn’t hurt you one bit.

Also, take vitamin C frequently through the day. Drink a lot of water, and get as much rest as you can.

Feel better soon!